About me

I am a medical doctor and psychotherapist specialized in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

People come to therapy because they want to make a change or because they are afraid of change.

Change is part of life. You cannot stop the change, but you can choose its direction. My aim is to help people in being comfortable with change and trust that, no matter what direction their life takes, they will be able to face it and find the resources to make the best of it.

I believe in living life here and now. Waiting for something to happen that will make you start being happy is like going through life driving a car: you are always looking forward - and sometimes backward to see what you left behind - but you are never in the moment. The moment you looked through the side windows, things are already gone. Even more, you can have an accident if you drive continuing looking through side windows.

You need to stop the car, get out, feel the ground under your feet, smell the air, see the sky, hear the living creatures around you - and only then you are living in the here and now.

Most of the problems that bring people to therapy are caused by not living in the present: they are either living in the past, ruminating about what went wrong, which can lead to depression, or they are living in the future, worrying about what may go wrong, which causes anxiety.

CBT teaches you to recognize your thoughts, emotions, and sensations, stop in the moment here and now and direct your attention to what is happening to you and in you. In time, this becomes so routine that you do not feel like stopping the moment, you are the moment. You are no longer your past or your future, you are no longer the human being defined by your mistakes, regrets, traumas, or flaws. You do not dwell on your past or worry about the future. You are defined by what you choose to be here and now.

That’s my wish for you: to help you experience unconditional happiness, here and now and thus make the difference that is truly a difference in your life.

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